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KNOW IT before you REGRET!

Social network system is one of the ways for us to communicate. Teenagers are the group of age that use social network the most. Social network system really helped a lot of people to have a better social life and also to share our opinion about specific topics.


4 thumbs UP!

It helps a lot of people lives easier through many ways, and it also gives us many advantages, such as…

  •  Helps us to promote products/events –publicity
  • See the newest info about friends and family
  • Communicate with other people (chatting, comments, etc) – make new friends, etc
  • E- learning: learning through internet, from others


Unfortunately, we also consider the negative parts of social network system, which are…

  • Personal information is not fully secured- identity exploitation
  • Cyber bullying which might lead to death
  • Viruses spreading out (e.g.: Sammy virus that spread out on October 2005)
  • Web sited won’t inform negative notifications to users
  • Teens use it as their barriers to family


Have you heard about MySpace? It’s one of the social network systems. Actually, because of this site, there was one of the users that was bullied. Her name was Megan Meier.

                From the start, she was not really happy with herself. She thought of herself as a fat girl. But then when she entered the MySpace blog, she met a guy that she liked. Unfortunately, the guy was just playing with her feelings, and at the end, he broke her heart. It might seem as a simple case, but actually this issue led to an innocent girl’s suicide.

To see more of this case, you can visit….


After doing he interviews with the experiences users, I found out that there are many ways to prevent the bad effects from happening… like…

  • Founder needs to promote more features to help the user know a little bit more about the category of the site
  • Both founder and users need to be more concern about privacy information
  • Parents can help teenage to control about the information that they will expose in the site
  • Just share things that won’t hurt others.
  • Be careful of the friends that you will add.


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